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Was Jesus Gay?

Recently, Sir Elton John referred to Jesus as “a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man.” The publishing of such a statement is bound to stir up some trouble in certain parts of the Christian community, and it has.  But what does such a thought and the various reactions to it tell us about the nature of religion – Christianity in particular – and how we approach it?  Here are some of my thoughts.  I hope you’ll share yours. Continue reading


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Interesting figures…

A recent article by Newsweek’s religion editor, Lisa Miller, makes some interesting observations about recent religious polling.  I think though that the observations are something that many of us have begun to see in our own experience and in conversations with others.  Miller points out that “recent poll data show that we are conceptually, at least, becoming more like Hindus…”  And, in reference to the ever-proof-texted John 14:6, Miller claims that the data show that “Americans are no longer buying it.”  But will this tide continue to rise; are we really becoming more theologically Hindu?  Must Christianity really change or die? Continue reading


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God & Atheists: They were made for each other.

God is not love. God is not great. God is not wisdom. God is not strength. God does not exist. No, I am not an atheist. Continue reading


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Questions for Holy Week II: Should Creeds Betray Doctrinal Fallacies?

In the Church,* the Nicene Creed refers to a son begotten of a father.  Now, as I understand it, this creed is referring to what it believes to be God in both instances.  But here’s what I don’t get: the creed’s authors and adherents apparently claim to be monotheists who revere and worship only the creative force and origin of all things.  What’s up with that?  Continue reading


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