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Big News!!!

I ran into a couple of articles recently that I think are just great.  So, I’d like to share them with a few comments.  One’s about the Church and Evolution.  The other’s about masturbation.  And there might be a connection. Continue reading


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Ways of Knowing

How do we know what we know?

I’m writing a guest post because Grant had asked me to explain my reasons for belief in God and in everlasting hell. As someone who has struggled with both intellectual and emotional doubts from time to time, coming to the conclusion of the veracity of these two things is not something that has been untried in my life; in other words, I don’t just believe because “God said so.” Continue reading


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The Age of American Reason, Part II: Social Darwinism

Susan Jacoby dedicates a prominent but disappointing chapter to social Darwinism in her survey of American (anti)intellectualism, The Age of American Unreason.  Around the turn of the 20th century, as Darwin’s ideas began to take hold of the national consciousness, social Darwinism– though not explicitly known by that name– justified all kinds of social and economic inequities. Continue reading


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Questions for Holy Week: A Disprovable God?

The story of Jesus to which billions of people cling is strange one indeed.  Not so much strange because of its drama or its miracles.  No, what’s strange is that it purports to be a story of God or, at least, a story from God.  That the story is to be from God is strange to me because of a seriously flaw that is central to it: it, or at least its key element, is disprovable. Continue reading


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An Atheist and a Rabbi Walk Into a Bar…

…and certainly a lively discussion ensues…

  Continue reading


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Hypocrisy: Not an absolute arbiter of truth, an impetus to investigate.

Hypocrisy is not absolutely linked to a lack of truth. There could even be times when the existence of hypocrisy is actually indicative of truth. However, the two can be, and often are, linked. Continue reading


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