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Is this a big deal?

So, the U.S. Senate just made an official apology for slavery.  How can we not lose great amounts of respect for a group of people (that’s us, by the way) who drag their feet so badly in regard to such an issue?  How are we not all ashamed?  Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion and it’s just that official apologies and things like that aren’t really that big of a deal, but this is troubling to me and it reminds me of some other things that I’ve come across recently. Continue reading


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Susan Boyle Debacle

By now almost everyone has heard of Susan Boyle, a homely Scotswoman cum singer.   Her vocal renditions have made for sensationalized television and banal internet fodder.   Whether you find her singing exceptional or abysmal is neither here nor there (though it’s a good indicator of your ear and quality of taste).   What concerns me is the public’s reaction to her performance. Continue reading

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College, Drinking & Women

I love college, I love drinkin’, and I love women.  But, I love them in acutely different ways than hip-hopper Asher Roth, as evidenced in his new song, “I Love College.”  Perhaps the only source Roth referenced in college (if he indeed attended) — says, Continue reading


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