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Gay Marriage: New Definition or Contradiction in Terms?

Grant’s thought-provoking post and accompanying discursion inspired me to write a mini-manifesto on gay marriage and related issues.  I’d like my friends who disagree with me to better understand that there is plenty of logic to go around in this debate, as much as I have had that same realization while listening to their arguments. Continue reading


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How is this justice?

The other week, as I peddled a stationary bike at my favorite health club, I caught a portion of a (close captioned) town hall meeting with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on CNBC.  He addressed the administration/treasury’s efforts in easing the recession and unfreezing the credit markets.   Continue reading


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Health Care and Rights of Action

As the current health care reform debate takes increasingly religious and moral overtones, it’s likely we will hear asserted more and more that health care is a basic human right, which the government has an obligation to provide to its people.  However, whatever the utility of the kind of health care reform considered in Washington and discussed across town hall meetings across the country –and I think reasonable minds could differ on that– I hope we can dispose of what strikes me as a silly notion that health care is a right. Continue reading


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In the Matter of a Birth Certificate

A couple of weeks ago, Army reservist Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook challenged his deployment order to Afghanistan on the grounds that it he is not required to serve under a commander-in-chief that has not proven his eligibility for that position.  Namely, Cook alleged that President Obama was not born in the United States, but rather in Kenya, where Obama’s father is from. Continue reading


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Is this a big deal?

So, the U.S. Senate just made an official apology for slavery.  How can we not lose great amounts of respect for a group of people (that’s us, by the way) who drag their feet so badly in regard to such an issue?  How are we not all ashamed?  Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion and it’s just that official apologies and things like that aren’t really that big of a deal, but this is troubling to me and it reminds me of some other things that I’ve come across recently. Continue reading


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A response to “Would/do we live in a free society?”

Brandon’s recent post, referenced in the title, spawned this response by WHB, originally posted on Pandas That Won’t Screw To Save Their Species, which the author has graciously agreed to be reposted here:

Essentially [Brandon’s] point is… if the government begins to dictate what sort of products we can buy (here, environmentally safer products) then somehow our actual liberties are damaged… Continue reading

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Would/do we live in a free society?

To use the words of a person I’m very fond of, I believe that “life is meant to be lived away from the television,” the History Channel, HGTV, sports, and Family Guy notwithstanding.  I think Americas could stand to consume less TV, internet, video games, blogs, the other usual suspects, blah blah blah, kids these days, etc.   Continue reading


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Anarchy & Orthodoxy

For better or for worse, challenging authority is commonplace among epic moments in history.  At the genesis of this reality is Adam and Eve’s garden blunder that sent the world, its inhabitants and descendents into a fallen, vicious cycle of challenging authority.   Continue reading

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Uproar of the revelation that the President HATES RETARDS!

Last week, while on a two-day jaunt out to my neck of the woods, the President made a special appearance on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show.”  It was touted as the first time a sitting President had ever appeared on a late-night comedy show.  Pundits speculated that the President wanted a piece of Leno’s ‘jedermann’ influence, particularly in discussing his personal anger over the AIG fiasco.   Continue reading

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AIG is a perfect example…

Of what?  Well, one thing for sure.  With all the noise surrounding AIG paying bonuses with taxpayer money, I just can’t keep my hands off.  The AIG bonuses are certain to cause controversy and outrage.  But they are not an argument for governmental control of wages.  Rather, they are an argument for taxpayer money staying out of private business. Continue reading


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