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A STONEWALL DISPATCH: Pat Robertson thinks same-sex couples don’t want to marry and other craziness.

Over the last several weeks, I have found myself running across quite a few news stories and other items surrounding the issue of same-sex marriage and other issues that address human sexuality.  I am also very interested in the issue, so I thought it was time to post something on the subject.  The following is a small selection of some of the items I have come across recently, and a few of my thoughts on them.  I invite open discourse on the subject.  🙂 Continue reading


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Beauty in the Public Square

Among the many things we all hold in common, it’s interesting that we all want to be beautiful in appearance. Even if we desire to be ugly, it’s still the desire to be beautiful – it just simply reflects our interpretation of what is beautiful. Perhaps it’s too overarching to say Continue reading


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