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Gay Marriage: New Definition or Contradiction in Terms?

Grant’s thought-provoking post and accompanying discursion inspired me to write a mini-manifesto on gay marriage and related issues.  I’d like my friends who disagree with me to better understand that there is plenty of logic to go around in this debate, as much as I have had that same realization while listening to their arguments. Continue reading


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In Search of the Reason

Everything happens for a reason.  Or, does it?  Could it instead be that everything is what you make it?  Or, are both of these sayings true?  If both, can both sayings be applicable in relation to the same situation?  Is one of these sayings more Continue reading


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For Shame!

Greetings!  A recent string of comments here led me to wonder what we mean when we say “Shame on [you].”  I’m not quite sure I get it.  Continue reading


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The Age of American Unreason, Part I?

It’s rare that I read a book written by someone who is still alive; rarer still that it was written by an atheist.  I only share these facts, in the context of discussing Susan Jacoby’s The Age of American Unreason, in the interest of full disclosure of some biases against such an author that I’m a little surprised to have sensed inside myself.  Continue reading


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