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Who does this sound like?

It’s not too often that a quote from a female Rabbi makes one think of a popular, male, dead, ancient Rabbi-like character about whom who have virtually no real knowledge.  But whether or not we have any legitimate record of this guy, we have not been stopped from developing our own fairly deep understandings of who he was, what he did and stood for, etc.  Jesus of Nazareth means different things to different people, and we form our individual opinions largely based on our own needs, wants, experiences, obligations, fears, intellects, etc.  So I wonder who folks out there think this sounds like… Continue reading


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Faith v. Works

Faith v. Works, it’s a case that has been on trial among Christians for centuries. Just like many wars, I suspect that some blindly follow its cause. Some followers don’t even know its origin or even what they’re fighting for after being so Continue reading


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Interpret Jesus

Recent debates and discursions have caused me to wonder how frequently and to what degree we interpret things how we want them to be (ideal) rather than how they ought to be (real).  No matter how varying our interpretations may be on Continue reading


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