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Interesting figures…

A recent article by Newsweek’s religion editor, Lisa Miller, makes some interesting observations about recent religious polling.  I think though that the observations are something that many of us have begun to see in our own experience and in conversations with others.  Miller points out that “recent poll data show that we are conceptually, at least, becoming more like Hindus…”  And, in reference to the ever-proof-texted John 14:6, Miller claims that the data show that “Americans are no longer buying it.”  But will this tide continue to rise; are we really becoming more theologically Hindu?  Must Christianity really change or die? Continue reading


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Ways of Knowing

How do we know what we know?

I’m writing a guest post because Grant had asked me to explain my reasons for belief in God and in everlasting hell. As someone who has struggled with both intellectual and emotional doubts from time to time, coming to the conclusion of the veracity of these two things is not something that has been untried in my life; in other words, I don’t just believe because “God said so.” Continue reading


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The Purpose of Eternal Hell

We’ve had a couple of interesting posts on the concept of hell recently, so why stop…? Continue reading


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The Weight of Both/And: A Response to God 3:16

A few days ago Terrence posted a short exegesis of Revelation 3:15-16, a passage which he interpreted as signifying the type of devotion God demands from his followers. We are not to be people of lukewarm belief, as the passage states, but Continue reading


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God 3:16 – Temps & Vomit

What would cause God to say that He may want to barf us out of His mouth?  That conjures up rather grotesque and repulsive imagery.  Something must taste awfully bad or make someone violent ill to spew.  This certainly is strange – talking about puke in relation to God.  And, yes Continue reading


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