Socrates famously stated: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”


Indeed, he was right.  But it may be that he did not go far enough.  It may be that an “unexamined life” is not only “not worth living,” but also damaging to both the individual and society.


So, let’s examine things then.  Let’s talk about music and politics and food and faith.  Certainly we can find parallels between language and technology, war and dating.  Is there a link between how we think about pizza and how we vote?  Let’s explore.


A couple of important things:

-Question.  Always questions.  Don’t take things as they are presented to you and never at face value.  That would be a fool’s game.

-Be wrong.  More importantly, understand when you are wrong.  Being wrong is a beautiful thing; one mustn’t fear it.  Indeed, being wrong is the first step toward being right, and a perfect time to “examine.”

-Think, most of all.  Think.


Discursion, after all, wouldn’t be worth much if it weren’t for thought.


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