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In Search of the Reason

Everything happens for a reason.  Or, does it?  Could it instead be that everything is what you make it?  Or, are both of these sayings true?  If both, can both sayings be applicable in relation to the same situation?  Is one of these sayings more Continue reading


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Cursing God

A hammer to the thumb or a thumb in the eye, wrong is always bound to happen.  Wrong is a normal way of life.  Perhaps things going wrong in life is one of the most “normal” things.  Have you ever known anyone who Continue reading


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Faith v. Works

Faith v. Works, it’s a case that has been on trial among Christians for centuries. Just like many wars, I suspect that some blindly follow its cause. Some followers don’t even know its origin or even what they’re fighting for after being so Continue reading


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Interpret Jesus

Recent debates and discursions have caused me to wonder how frequently and to what degree we interpret things how we want them to be (ideal) rather than how they ought to be (real).  No matter how varying our interpretations may be on Continue reading


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Hellbent on Hell

Why in heaven’s name does it seem that most Christians are hellbent on not being open to the idea that Hell may not be eternal?  This one really befuddles me.  It’s right for Christians to believe Continue reading


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The Pit of Despair

For once I’m going to write about something that is beside the point… Hell.  I can only imagine the gasps among the traditional Christian readers.  But, please hear me out.  As a forewarning, Continue reading


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Unnatural Natural Selection

The story of Jaheem Herrera, an 11-year-old boy who hanged himself by a belt in a bedroom closet this past week, is absolutely devastating.  During his short life, Jaheem became all too fimiliar with how this world is not how it ought to be.  Unfortunately, Continue reading


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