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Interesting figures…

A recent article by Newsweek’s religion editor, Lisa Miller, makes some interesting observations about recent religious polling.  I think though that the observations are something that many of us have begun to see in our own experience and in conversations with others.  Miller points out that “recent poll data show that we are conceptually, at least, becoming more like Hindus…”  And, in reference to the ever-proof-texted John 14:6, Miller claims that the data show that “Americans are no longer buying it.”  But will this tide continue to rise; are we really becoming more theologically Hindu?  Must Christianity really change or die? Continue reading


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Who does this sound like?

It’s not too often that a quote from a female Rabbi makes one think of a popular, male, dead, ancient Rabbi-like character about whom who have virtually no real knowledge.  But whether or not we have any legitimate record of this guy, we have not been stopped from developing our own fairly deep understandings of who he was, what he did and stood for, etc.  Jesus of Nazareth means different things to different people, and we form our individual opinions largely based on our own needs, wants, experiences, obligations, fears, intellects, etc.  So I wonder who folks out there think this sounds like… Continue reading


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Big News!!!

I ran into a couple of articles recently that I think are just great.  So, I’d like to share them with a few comments.  One’s about the Church and Evolution.  The other’s about masturbation.  And there might be a connection. Continue reading


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God & Atheists: They were made for each other.

God is not love. God is not great. God is not wisdom. God is not strength. God does not exist. No, I am not an atheist. Continue reading


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My Drift Into The Abyss

A reader of The Discursionists has composed an account of his conversion from Evangelical Christianity to Buddhism.  To read all about it, click “keep reading.” Continue reading


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Is this a big deal?

So, the U.S. Senate just made an official apology for slavery.  How can we not lose great amounts of respect for a group of people (that’s us, by the way) who drag their feet so badly in regard to such an issue?  How are we not all ashamed?  Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion and it’s just that official apologies and things like that aren’t really that big of a deal, but this is troubling to me and it reminds me of some other things that I’ve come across recently. Continue reading


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Would You Bet On Pascal’s Wager?

When chatting with some friends this week, Pascal’s Wager came up.  For some reason (probably the greasy burger) at the time I was having trouble recalling the problems inherent in this idea, but since then it’s come back to me.  So, I feel like writing about it. Continue reading


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