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Same disaster, opposite interpretations: Pat Robertson’s analysis of the earthquake in Haiti shows that Christendom is a myth.

Over the last year or so I have heard a number of people say something like this: “I’m a Christian…but not that kind of Christian.”  Indeed, I’ve even heard that from the mouth of a Christian Bishop!  And it’s a sentiment with which I can certainly sympathize.  In my experience, it’s often easy to tell what kind of Christian that kind is.  It’s this kind, and this kind, and this kind, and this kind, and this kind, and this kind, and on and on. Continue reading

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Suburban Studies, Part I

A. Bartlett Giamatti, former president of Yale University who served for a short time as commissioner of Major League Baseball, was fond of noting that the word “paradise” comes from the Persian that means “enclosed green space”– a baseball field, in Giamatti’s context.   I’ve always been taken by the juxtaposition of human architecture and the natural world, whether it’s the manicured quads of Oxford or the grounds of Fenway Park.  Continue reading


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