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The Purpose of Eternal Hell

We’ve had a couple of interesting posts on the concept of hell recently, so why stop…? Continue reading


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Interpret Jesus

Recent debates and discursions have caused me to wonder how frequently and to what degree we interpret things how we want them to be (ideal) rather than how they ought to be (real).  No matter how varying our interpretations may be on Continue reading


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The Age of American Reason, Part II: Social Darwinism

Susan Jacoby dedicates a prominent but disappointing chapter to social Darwinism in her survey of American (anti)intellectualism, The Age of American Unreason.  Around the turn of the 20th century, as Darwin’s ideas began to take hold of the national consciousness, social Darwinism– though not explicitly known by that name– justified all kinds of social and economic inequities. Continue reading


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Hellbent on Hell

Why in heaven’s name does it seem that most Christians are hellbent on not being open to the idea that Hell may not be eternal?  This one really befuddles me.  It’s right for Christians to believe Continue reading


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The Pit of Despair

For once I’m going to write about something that is beside the point… Hell.  I can only imagine the gasps among the traditional Christian readers.  But, please hear me out.  As a forewarning, Continue reading


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A response to “Would/do we live in a free society?”

Brandon’s recent post, referenced in the title, spawned this response by WHB, originally posted on Pandas That Won’t Screw To Save Their Species, which the author has graciously agreed to be reposted here:

Essentially [Brandon’s] point is… if the government begins to dictate what sort of products we can buy (here, environmentally safer products) then somehow our actual liberties are damaged… Continue reading

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Would/do we live in a free society?

To use the words of a person I’m very fond of, I believe that “life is meant to be lived away from the television,” the History Channel, HGTV, sports, and Family Guy notwithstanding.  I think Americas could stand to consume less TV, internet, video games, blogs, the other usual suspects, blah blah blah, kids these days, etc.   Continue reading


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