For Shame!

Greetings!  A recent string of comments here led me to wonder what we mean when we say “Shame on [you].”  I’m not quite sure I get it.  Does it mean that a person should be shamed?  That to me sounds like some modern version of stoning.  Can we even really shame someone?  Or is it more that we shame ourselves?  Naturally we can’t physically left a bucket-o-shame and place it on someone.  So, what does this saying really mean?




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4 responses to “For Shame!

  1. Christopher

    It means that one should be ashamed of one’s self. The end. And furthermore, shame on you for not realizing that!

  2. czfinke

    It means someone disagrees with our views, and we just can’t believe how anyone could possibly do so!

  3. GCC

    OK, so what about “shaming someone.” What’s that?

  4. Christopher

    That’s when someone gets REALLY drunk and you draw penises on their face with a sharpie marker. Not to be confused with “antique-ing,” which consists of dumping flour all over someone.

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