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For Shame!

Greetings!  A recent string of comments here led me to wonder what we mean when we say “Shame on [you].”  I’m not quite sure I get it.  Continue reading



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Susan Boyle Debacle

By now almost everyone has heard of Susan Boyle, a homely Scotswoman cum singer.   Her vocal renditions have made for sensationalized television and banal internet fodder.   Whether you find her singing exceptional or abysmal is neither here nor there (though it’s a good indicator of your ear and quality of taste).   What concerns me is the public’s reaction to her performance. Continue reading

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Unnatural Natural Selection

The story of Jaheem Herrera, an 11-year-old boy who hanged himself by a belt in a bedroom closet this past week, is absolutely devastating.  During his short life, Jaheem became all too fimiliar with how this world is not how it ought to be.  Unfortunately, Continue reading


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The Weight of Both/And: A Response to God 3:16

A few days ago Terrence posted a short exegesis of Revelation 3:15-16, a passage which he interpreted as signifying the type of devotion God demands from his followers. We are not to be people of lukewarm belief, as the passage states, but Continue reading


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God 3:16 – Temps & Vomit

What would cause God to say that He may want to barf us out of His mouth?  That conjures up rather grotesque and repulsive imagery.  Something must taste awfully bad or make someone violent ill to spew.  This certainly is strange – talking about puke in relation to God.  And, yes Continue reading


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Utopian Undertones

The desire for utopia is a common theme in everyday life.  The news is rife with stories of destruction and disasters.  Disbelief and disgust are almost our default responses to the news, and so is our desire for utopia.  It’s apparent that we Continue reading


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Questions for Holy Week II: Should Creeds Betray Doctrinal Fallacies?

In the Church,* the Nicene Creed refers to a son begotten of a father.  Now, as I understand it, this creed is referring to what it believes to be God in both instances.  But here’s what I don’t get: the creed’s authors and adherents apparently claim to be monotheists who revere and worship only the creative force and origin of all things.  What’s up with that?  Continue reading


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