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The Age of American Unreason, Part I?

It’s rare that I read a book written by someone who is still alive; rarer still that it was written by an atheist.  I only share these facts, in the context of discussing Susan Jacoby’s The Age of American Unreason, in the interest of full disclosure of some biases against such an author that I’m a little surprised to have sensed inside myself.  Continue reading



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Uproar of the revelation that the President HATES RETARDS!

Last week, while on a two-day jaunt out to my neck of the woods, the President made a special appearance on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show.”  It was touted as the first time a sitting President had ever appeared on a late-night comedy show.  Pundits speculated that the President wanted a piece of Leno’s ‘jedermann’ influence, particularly in discussing his personal anger over the AIG fiasco.   Continue reading

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The Animal & Human

Imagine you’re walking down the street.  To your left is a bloody and dying dog and to your right is a person in the same condition.  Being the Good Samaritan you are, you quickly decide to help…  now you’re moving to aid.  Which one did you choose to help first?  Continue reading

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On Music: Standards

All art criticism implies an objective standard, even if that standard can only be discovered by intuition and good sense. If music truly is all about “what I like,” then virtually every album review containing any sort of opinion is a waste of time; it’s just based on the personal tastes of the reviewer. Since the critic’s opinion is no more important than yours, and has no bearing on the latter, you might as well just listen to the music yourself to determine if it’s something you like. Continue reading


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College, Drinking & Women

I love college, I love drinkin’, and I love women.  But, I love them in acutely different ways than hip-hopper Asher Roth, as evidenced in his new song, “I Love College.”  Perhaps the only source Roth referenced in college (if he indeed attended) — says, Continue reading


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AIG is a perfect example…

Of what?  Well, one thing for sure.  With all the noise surrounding AIG paying bonuses with taxpayer money, I just can’t keep my hands off.  The AIG bonuses are certain to cause controversy and outrage.  But they are not an argument for governmental control of wages.  Rather, they are an argument for taxpayer money staying out of private business. Continue reading


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Heinlein’s Wisdom of the Day

I fear that our patient readers will have to suffer through what I’m reading from time to time, which is currently Starship Troopers, Robert Heinlein’s controversial book first published in 1959.  I have it on good authority that the book is substantially more political and philosophical than the more-recent movie (which I’ve never seen, but understand is awful). Continue reading


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