An Atheist and a Rabbi Walk Into a Bar…

…and certainly a lively discussion ensues…


The Atheist’s Argument:

Francis Collins, a devout Christian who happens to have mapped the human genome, proving our connections not just with other primates, but even with plants, maintains that humans have been around in the present form for about 100,000 years.  There are others who say we’ve been here for more than twice that long, but that doesn’t really matter.  We only really need 100,000 years.

 God, as most monotheists know him revealed himself something like 4,000 years ago.  But, there could be some debate about that, so let’s say it’s 5,000 years ago, for the sake of round numbers.  Let’s not get into the timelines of Young Earth creationism.

 So, to be a theist today, that is a monotheist in the western/middle eastern tradition, one must believe this: The caring, concerned, interactive God who not only created the world, but drives his creation today for 95,000 years of human existence sat back, arms crossed, without a care in the world, ignoring the plight of man through myriad hardships, natural disasters, often certain death and probably even near extinction.  This God was not heard from once, not seen, nothing.  Indeed things were so bad that people even had to make up false gods to appease their need for explanation.  All the while the omniscient God knew this and elected to remain entirely removed, until one day that God who had stood by silently for 95,000 years of pain and misery revealed himself to bronze age illiterates who were then able to carry their story into a pervasive tradition.

 That is what today’s theists believe.


And The Rabbi Says:

The mental capacity of a man brilliant enough to come up with such an idea is, on its own, proof of a creator.


And I Say: 

There’s obviously more to it than that, but I, frankly, find both arguments brilliant.



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4 responses to “An Atheist and a Rabbi Walk Into a Bar…

  1. CGG

    I, for one, am glad we stopped pussy-footing around baseball and stimulus packages long enough to get to some real issues.

    God has been brought into the discursion… (Well, as much as a supposed omnipresent deity can be voluntarily included or excluded).

    (Sorry, God)

  2. njd

    Just cause we don’t read about God rocking it in the world, don’t mean he ain’t working his God magic before Abraham.

  3. GCC

    And then, to keep the logic consistent…
    Just because we read about God rocking it in the world after Abram, don’t mean there’s necessarily anything such as God magic at all.

    Or, to address the apparently proven historical nature of the Torah…
    Just because we see a movie based in actual events of the past doesn’t make the characters, the buildings, the weather, the dialogue or, more importantly, the moral of the story, real or accurate.

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