Was Jesus Gay?

Recently, Sir Elton John referred to Jesus as “a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man.” The publishing of such a statement is bound to stir up some trouble in certain parts of the Christian community, and it has.  But what does such a thought and the various reactions to it tell us about the nature of religion – Christianity in particular – and how we approach it?  Here are some of my thoughts.  I hope you’ll share yours. Continue reading


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Same disaster, opposite interpretations: Pat Robertson’s analysis of the earthquake in Haiti shows that Christendom is a myth.

Over the last year or so I have heard a number of people say something like this: “I’m a Christian…but not that kind of Christian.”  Indeed, I’ve even heard that from the mouth of a Christian Bishop!  And it’s a sentiment with which I can certainly sympathize.  In my experience, it’s often easy to tell what kind of Christian that kind is.  It’s this kind, and this kind, and this kind, and this kind, and this kind, and this kind, and on and on. Continue reading

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Suburban Studies, Part I

A. Bartlett Giamatti, former president of Yale University who served for a short time as commissioner of Major League Baseball, was fond of noting that the word “paradise” comes from the Persian that means “enclosed green space”– a baseball field, in Giamatti’s context.   I’ve always been taken by the juxtaposition of human architecture and the natural world, whether it’s the manicured quads of Oxford or the grounds of Fenway Park.  Continue reading


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Gay Marriage: New Definition or Contradiction in Terms?

Grant’s thought-provoking post and accompanying discursion inspired me to write a mini-manifesto on gay marriage and related issues.  I’d like my friends who disagree with me to better understand that there is plenty of logic to go around in this debate, as much as I have had that same realization while listening to their arguments. Continue reading


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A STONEWALL DISPATCH: Pat Robertson thinks same-sex couples don’t want to marry and other craziness.

Over the last several weeks, I have found myself running across quite a few news stories and other items surrounding the issue of same-sex marriage and other issues that address human sexuality.  I am also very interested in the issue, so I thought it was time to post something on the subject.  The following is a small selection of some of the items I have come across recently, and a few of my thoughts on them.  I invite open discourse on the subject.  🙂 Continue reading


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How is this justice?

The other week, as I peddled a stationary bike at my favorite health club, I caught a portion of a (close captioned) town hall meeting with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on CNBC.  He addressed the administration/treasury’s efforts in easing the recession and unfreezing the credit markets.   Continue reading


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Tongues of Fire

This past Sunday, the Revised Common Lectionary brought us into the only piece of wisdom literature in the New Testament, the Epistle of James.  I’ve been quite a fan of the letter since my first encounter with it, so I was happy to see the first twelve verses of its third chapter come up to be read aloud for some many at the same time.  And, given the current state of our public discourse, it seems to have been quite apropos. Continue reading

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Is this idolatrous?

So, I happened upon what seems to me to be a rather strange Christian creed recently.  It’s actually the creed of an institute of higher learning (I did not know institutes for learning – even those with religious affiliations – had such creeds), and the full text of it can be found here. Continue reading


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Theology Without Thinking

A while back, a discursionists post quoted from famed author and Christian apologist C.S. Lewis’ work Mere Christianity.  The quote in question dealt with Lewis’ attempted deductive argument for belief in the divinity of Jesus, or, in somewhat common nomenclature, the “Liar/Lunatic/Lord” Trilemma.  At the time, I said I would write up an explanation of the flaws in Lewis’ reasoning.  Well, that ended up growing into something of an essay.  So, here I’ll post a brief summary of the longer document and provide a link to a PDF of the whole thing. Continue reading


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The Best Songs of the Decade

Well, I suppose the decade is nearly 97% over, and in honor of Pitchfork staff’s recent publication of its top 500 songs of the 2000s (which is relatively piss poor as far as Pitchfork lists go, but it was pretty ambitious), I thought I’d create a list of the best 20 songs I encountered over the past 10 years.  These are not necessarily what I would think the best songs of the decade are, if I could hear everything; just the best songs I did hear (and you’ll no doubt notice glaring blind spots in my listening), and not necessarily my favorites either (although some of them certainly are). Continue reading


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